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Updated 10 January 2010

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Mick Hanbury Demonstrating

Demonstration pieceMick demonstrates his unique and artistic woodturning techniques at various clubs and shows around the UK and in other countries — the links below point to photographs of Mick demonstrating in France, at a WWA meeting, at the Craft Supplies Autumn Show, and in New England (New Jersey & Massachusetts).

If you would like Mick to demonstrate for your club don’t hesitate to contact him via e-mail or phone.

  • France June 2005 — Mick Hanbury teaching and demonstrating woodturning techniques at Craft Supplies French school at le Moulin de la Materette in the Pyrenees (Photographs by Philip Williams).
  • WWA Meeting — September 2005. Mick demonstrates turning an artistically carved and pierced platter at the WWA meeting held in the evening at a local school. These are some photos taken by....
  • Craft Supplies Autumn Show — Oct 2005. Mick was turning in the Cattle ring of the agricultural centre with Andy Lodge. He was demonstrating turning for an hour then taking an hour out to demonstrate sharpening in another part of the exhibition hall. Whilst demonstrating Mick had a microphone and loudspeaker and a camera on the end of his lathe. The pictures from that camera projected on a screen behind him. (Photographs by Philip Williams).
  • Somerset, New Jersey — Jan 2006. Mick traveled to the States to demonstrate his woodturning techniques in two woodworks events. The first was in Somerset, New Jersey where he was in the spotlight. Here are some pictures from the show. (Photographs by Philip Williams).
  • W Springfield, Massachusetts -- Jan 2006. The second show was in West Springfield, Massachusetts where once again Mick Hanbury was in the spotlight demonstrating his woodturning techniques. Here are some pictures from the show. (Photographs by Philip Williams).

Please browse at your leisure - if you have any questions contact Mick by e-mail, or phone.