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Updated 31 January 2008

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Recommended Books

There are are lots of books out there giving instruction on woodturning. Many can be helpful in improving your woodturning technique and in giving your ideas for shapes and projects. Of all the books I have read and looked at over the years the following is a small selection are my favourites. By clicking on the links you will be taken to Amazon.co.uk to enable you to purchase the book.


Woodturning: A Foundation Course (Paperback) by Keith Rowley. A seminal work.

Keith Rowley's Woodturning Projects (Master Craftsmen) (Paperback) by Keith Rowley . Some very useful ideas to get you started — difficult to find now.

Woodturning Projects (Paperback) by Mark Baker. Some great inspirational ideas.

Wood for Woodturners (Paperback) by Mark Baker. A good introduction to different types of wood.


Woodturning: Two Books in One: Projects to Practice and Inspire Techniques to Adapt to Suit Your Own Designs (Paperback) by Phil Irons. A unique format and some great ideas.

Bill Jones' Notes from the Turning Shop (Paperback) by Bill Jones - difficult to find but a really great book. Or his Further Notes from the Turning Shop (Paperback) also very difficult to find

Woodturning: A Fresh Approach (Paperback) by Robert Chapman. Some adventurous designs.

Decorating Turned Wood: The Maker's Eye (Paperback) by Liz O'Donnell (Author), Michael O'Donnell (Author). Some exciting decorative effects.


For instructional DVDs obviously I would recommend mine but its also worth looking at Keith Rowley's Foundation course which I think is a particular good video. It can be difficult to find but has been available with the book from Craft Supplies.